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How to use Tone
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What is the Tone feature?

The Tone feature allows you to adjust the speed, pitch, and volume of the output speech. This customization helps create a more natural and engaging listening experience, tailored to specific needs or preferences.

How to use

1. Select the Text to Adjust

Highlight the text for which you want to adjust the tone. A toolbar will appear above or near the selected text.

2. Access the Tone feature

From the toolbar, select the Tone option. This will open a modal containing options for adjusting speed, pitch, and volume.

3. Adjust the Tone settings

In the modal, you will find options to customize the speed, pitch, and volume of the speech:

  • Speed: Adjust how fast the text is spoken.

    You can use numerical values (e.g., 1.0 for normal speed, 0.5 for half-speed, 2.0 for double speed), or literal values (e.g., "X-Slow" , "Slow" , "Fast").

  • Pitch: Adjust the highness or lowness of the voice.

    You can use numerical values (e.g., 1.0 for default pitch, 0.98 for lower pitch, 1.25 for higher pitch), or literal values (e.g., "X-Low" , "Medium" , "High").

  • Volume: Adjust the loudness of the speech.

    You can use numerical values (e.g., 1.0 for normal volume, 0.5 for half volume, 2.0 for double volume), or literal values (e.g., "Silent" , "Soft" , "Medium" , "X-Loud").

Then click Apply to save the changes.

4. Preview the Adjustments

Before creating the voice, use the preview button to listen to how the text will be spoken with the adjusted settings.

Make any necessary adjustments to ensure the speech sounds as desired.

Once satisfied with the tone settings, click Create All to generate a voice.

5. Remove settings

To remove settings and changes, click the More icon and select "Clear All Settings." This action will remove all applied settings.

📌 To remove and avoid affecting other properties, highlight the text with the applied settings, select Tone again, and adjust it back to default.

Adjust Tone from Recent section

After applying a Speed or Pitch, buttons with the most recent speed/pitch values will appear in the Recent section.

You can quickly apply speed or pitch by highlighting the desired text and selecting these buttons.

A maximum of 7 buttons will be displayed; if exceeded, the oldest values will be removed to make room for the newest ones.

You can also click the Pen icon to delete these recent buttons.

When applying Pause, the pause values will also appear as buttons in Recent section.

Note: Volume values do not apply to the Recent button.

By using the Tone feature, you can customize the output to better suit different contexts, whether you need a slower, clearer speech for instructional content or a faster, more dynamic delivery for engaging presentations.

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