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What is free trial account?
What is free trial account?
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Exploring Micmonster with a Free Trial account

Micmonster offers trial accounts to new users, enabling you to test our text-to-speech service without a credit card.

When you sign up, you'll receive 2,000 characters per month to explore our features and assess the quality of our service.

The character limit is reset monthly, ensuring continuous access to our service. For users seeking more voices and advanced options, consider upgrading to the Pro Max plan.

Ready for More? Upgrade to Pro Max

Unlock advanced voices and features by upgrading to Pro Max, enhancing your text-to-speech experience with Micmonster.

Get 50% OFF on MicMonster Annual and Lifetime plans by using the code below for a limited time today!


  • Apply the discount here.

  • Check out our Pricing for more information.

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