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Will the 50% discount apply to my next renewal?
Will the 50% discount apply to my next renewal?
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If you're considering the "Pro Max annual" plan with a 50% discount, it's important to understand how this discount applies over time.

Orders paid from May 2, 2024 or earlier

The 50% discount applies only to the first year of your "Pro Max annual" plan subscription. This one-time offer is designed to provide significant savings for new or upgrading users as they start or enhance their journey with our services.

Upon renewal after the first year, the subscription will revert to the regular price of $119/year. This ensures uninterrupted access to all the features and benefits of the Pro Max plan.

Orders paid from May 3, 2024 onwards

For new orders from May 3, 2024, the discount code will also apply to subsequent renewals of the Pro Max Annual plan for $59.50.

Payment and Invoice Details

During the payment process, both new and renewing subscribers will find clear, transparent pricing details. The checkout page and invoice will clearly display the discounted price for the first year and the renewal price for subsequent years, ensuring you are fully informed about the subscription costs.

Understanding these details helps you plan for your subscription's future, ensuring there are no surprises when it comes to renewing your "Pro Max annual" plan.

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