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Reuse the script of the created file
Reuse the script of the created file
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What is the Reuse Script feature?

Reuse Script feature allows you to easily recreate audio using previously used scripts.

When you create audio from a script, the output files appear in the download section. Each output file includes detailed information about the script, such as:

  • Length

  • Voice name

  • Tone

  • Voice style.

This feature streamlines the process of reusing scripts with all their settings intact.

How to use

1. Go to download section

After creating audio from your script, go to the download section where the output files are listed.

2. View the Script details

Each output file has an icon named "View Script" πŸ‘‰ Click on that icon to open a dialog.

The dialog will display the following information:

  • Script Length: The total length of the script in the file.

  • Voice Details: For each block of the script, it will show:

    • Voice Name

    • Tone settings

    • Voice Style used

3. Reuse the Script

To reuse the script, click the "Use this Script" button in the dialog.

  • The system will display the selected script along with its Tone and Voice Style settings in the editing area.

Note: Any existing scripts in the editing area will be deleted and completely replaced by the script from the selected file.

By using the Reuse Script feature, you can efficiently recreate audio with previously configured settings, ensuring consistency and saving time on re-editing scripts.

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