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How to use Emphasize
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What is the Emphasize feature?

The Emphasize feature allows you to adjust the emphasis on specific words or phrases within your text. This customization helps to highlight important information or convey the correct tone and emotion in the speech output.

How to use

1. Select the Text/Phrase to Emphasize

Highlight the text or phrase you want to adjust the emphasis for. A toolbar will appear above or near the selected text.

2. Access the Emphasize feature

From the toolbar, select the Emphasize option. This will open a modal containing a chart for adjusting emphasis.

3. Adjust the Emphasis

In the modal, you will see a chart that allows you to adjust the emphasis by selecting up to 5 points. Each point represents a position within the selected text where you can increase or decrease the emphasis:

  • Increase Emphasis: Select a point above level 0 to increase the emphasis at that position.

  • Decrease Emphasis: Select a point below level 0 to decrease the emphasis at that position.

3.1. Preview the Emphasis Adjustments

Before applying the changes, use the preview butotn to listen to how the text will be spoken with the adjusted emphasis.

Make any necessary adjustments to ensure the speech sounds as desired.

3.2. Apply the Emphasis Adjustments

Once satisfied with the emphasis settings, click Apply to save the changes.

4. Remove settings

To remove settings and changes, click the More icon and select "Clear All Settings." This action will remove all applied settings.

πŸ“Œ To remove and avoid affecting other properties, highlight the text/phrase with the applied settings, select Emphasize again, and click "Clear".

By using the Emphasize feature, you can ensure that your TTS output effectively highlights key points and conveys the intended emphasis, making the speech more engaging and expressive.

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