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How to use Phoneme & Pronunciation Library
How to use Phoneme & Pronunciation Library
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What is the Phoneme feature?

The Phoneme feature allows you to customize the pronunciation of words that the AI does not read correctly. This feature provides detailed options for adjusting syllables, stress, vowels, and consonants to achieve accurate pronunciation.

How to use

1. Select the Word to Customize

Highlight the word you want to customize the pronunciation for. A toolbar will appear above or near the word.

2. Access the Phoneme feature

From the toolbar, select the Phoneme option. This will open a modal containing various customization options.

3. Customize the Pronunciation and save to Pronunciation Library

You can search the pronunciation of words with the Cambridge Online Dictionary (, a reliable source to find for IPA that you need.

In the modal, you will find options for Syllables, Stress, Vowels, and Consonants. Adjust these settings to achieve the correct pronunciation:​

  • Syllables: Break down the word into its constituent syllables.

  • Stress: Indicate which syllables should be stressed.

  • Vowels: Choose the correct vowel sounds.

  • Consonants: Adjust the consonant sounds as needed.

3.1. Preview the Pronunciation

Before applying the changes, use the Preview button to listen to how the word will be pronounced. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure accuracy.

3.2. Apply the Customization

Once satisfied with the pronunciation, click Apply to save the changes.

3.3. Save custom Phonemes to Pronunciation Library

If you want to reuse this custom pronunciation in the future, save it to the Pronunciation Library. This allows for easy access and application of the phoneme settings for the same word or similar words.

Follow the instructions in the image below to select a custom pronunciation from the library and apply it to your project.

After applying the pronunciation to the project and you hover the word, you can see the IPA of the word.

4. Remove settings

To remove settings and changes, click the More icon and select "Clear All Settings." This action will remove all applied settings.

📌 To remove and avoid affecting other properties, highlight the text with the applied settings, select Phoneme again, and click "Clear".

Now, with the Phoneme feature, you can ensure that all words are pronounced correctly, providing a smoother and more understandable audio experience.

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