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How to use Reading Rule
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What is the Reading Rule feature?

The Reading Rule feature allows you to set specific rules for how the TTS engine should pronounce certain types of text, such as dates, times, emails, phone numbers, or URLs. This ensures that these elements are read out clearly and accurately, enhancing the listening experience.

How to use

To ensure your TTS service correctly pronounces dates, times, emails, phone numbers, or URLs, follow these steps:

1. Select the Text to Apply Reading Rules

Highlight the text you want to apply reading rules to, such as a date, time, email, phone number, or URL.

2. Access the Reading Rule option

From the toolbar that appears after selecting the text, choose the Reading Rule option. This will open a dropdown menu with pre-compiled reading rule options.

3. Choose the Appropriate Reading Rule

From the dropdown, select the reading rule that matches the type of text.

4. Remove settings

To remove settings and changes, click the More icon and select "Clear All Settings." This action will remove all applied settings.

πŸ“Œ To remove and avoid affecting other properties, highlight the text with the applied settings, select Reading Rule again, and choose "Clear Rule".

Currently, our voice model can automatically handles these types of text, so you generally don't need to use them extensively, except in special cases.

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