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How to use Alias
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What is the Alias feature?

The Alias feature lets you create custom shortcuts or alternative names for words or phrases, ensuring correct pronunciation by the text-to-speech (TTS) engine. This is especially useful for proper nouns, brand names, technical terms, and other specific terminology that might be mispronounced.

How to use

Example: To ensure the word "Nike" is pronounced correctly by the TTS service, follow these simple steps:

1. Select the word "Nike"

Highlight "Nike" in your text. A toolbar will appear above or near the word.

2. Select the Alias option

From the toolbar, choose the Alias option. This opens a input field for defining the pronunciation.

3. Enter the Correct Pronunciation

Type the correct pronunciation, such as "Nye-kee".

4. Apply the Alias

Click the Apply button to save your alias.

5. Remove settings

To remove settings and changes, click the More icon and select "Clear All Settings." This action will remove all applied settings.

πŸ“Œ To remove and avoid affecting other properties, highlight the text with the applied settings, select Alias again, and click "Clear".

Example Word Pairs for Alias

Here are some additional examples where the Alias feature can be applied:

  • "Hermione" -> "Her-my-oh-nee"

  • "IKEA" -> "Ee-kay-uh"

  • "Quinoa" -> "Keen-wah"

  • "GIF" -> "Jiff"

  • "Hyundai" -> "Hun-day"

Using the Alias feature for these words will help improve pronunciation accuracy in your TTS service.

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